14 Apr

December 2016 – the journey begins

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So the journey begins. It is not an easy decision to leave your comfort zone and jump into a strange and unknown world. Nevertheless, a “hijrah” is necessary if you seek betterment and improvement. You must place your faith in Allah. If you are driven by good faith and best intentions, maintained your obedience to Allah and continuously pray for Allah’s guidance and blessings, there is no reason that you should fear failure. No matter what you encounter nor how things turned out to be, you will never be at loss because Allah is the best planner and the only provider.


To minimize the risk, you still need to plan, think, have a mentor to guide and point towards the right direction, all as part of the efforts that you will need to put in. There is no success without hard work, there is no easy road to achieving your objectives. You will stumble and fall, you will cry and ponder and you will definitely second guess yourself over and over again, wondering whether you had made the right decision.


InsyaAllah, we will move forward, we will make progress and we ask for your prayers and assistance is accompanying us while we navigate through the exciting journey of the business world…….

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