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30 April 2017 – Happiness

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What is happiness? For us at Zuheira, happiness is being able to make someone else happy. We feel happy when a customer gives positive feedback about our product or she conveys her appreciation on how our product makes her feel attractive and comfortable or how well we have treated her when she enquired about our range of products. However, our real joy and utmost satisfaction is when we are able to make a difference in another person’s life, especially and particularly when such person is a total stranger to us and when such person had lost all hope of salvation. There are so many of us who are not as fortunate or victims of circumstances which they had no part to play nor any role to influence. It is our duty to lend a hand when we can and it is our obligation to assist when there is a an opportunity to make a difference. Zuheira is built on the foundation that we can make a difference and as we grow, we are determined to make much more differences in many more lives.


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