03 Jun

What An Experience!!

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Zuheira had just completed a really eventful week. What a week it was. Immediately after successfully completed our Mood Republik Event in Perak on the 27th and 28th of May, we had to prepare ourselves for our first live TV appearance and a few recording sessions with TV Al Hijrah. The first live segment of Assalamualaikum on 30th May was with the famous Farah Fauzana (FAFAU) and Azidah. We arrived really early and made our preparations. We were really nervous being our first time and all but Fafau and Azidah graciously and professionally helped us out and we had a blast. The recording sessions that followed for other segments were also fun and insightful. We then had another live segment of Assalamualaikum on the 2nd of June and we had a great time as well. The recording sessions that followed were all done smoothly and professionally. Our deepest and most sincere gratitude to FAFAU, Azidah and the other hosts of the segments, the producer, the crew, Puan Noorfiha and all other team members of TV AlHijrah who made our first TV experience quite a memorable one. This is indeed an experience, something so valuable for a new company like Zuheira and we cherished every moment of it. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for making all this possible. Apart from the TV experience, Zuheira's commercial was also aired on RADIO IKIM for consecutive days from 22nd of May 2017 and we are really grateful to RADIO IKIM for assisting us in making this possible. Again, thank you to all. May Allah repay of your kindness and good deeds.

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