13 Jun

We love our customers!

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Zuheira has just came back after taking part in Mood Republik Raya Fest Kedah last weekend and now we are already busy preparing for our next Mood Republik event in Johor Bharu. Imagine - 3 MR events within a period of 1 month - mind blowing!! In addition to that, we are also occupied with the task of processing and sending out orders that we had received from our customers through our website and social media. Alhamdulillah the orders are pouring in and we are committed to ensure that all of them are delivered as soon as possible. These activities are really testing our perseverance but what keeps us going is the appreciation and feedback received from our customers. They have been so kind and generous to convey their satisfaction with our product, such as how the Jubah feels so comfortable or how fast our service was in getting the orders delivered. What really drives us forward is the fact that so many of our customers bought our products as special gifts of love and appreciation either to their parents, spouses or even bosses. Such recognition of our product brings tears of joy to our eyes and a sense of pride in our name. It reaffirms our beliefs in ourselves and solidify our commitment to perform even better. More importantly, it reminds us that with hard work, good intention, lots of prayers and Allah's blessings, nothing is impossible. Alhamdulillah for all that have been bestowed upon us and we will continue to reciprocate, with our good deeds and full and complete surrender to Allah SWT. Thank you to all of our customers and may Allah bless your lives and repay your kindness and good deeds.

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