Q. What are the payment methods available?

We offer various kind of payment methods as shown below :-

1. Credit Card/Debit Card/Online Banking

2. Bank Transfer

  • Bank : Malayan Bank Berhad (Maybank)
  • Bank Account : 562106672383
  • Account Name : Zuheira World Enterprise

After you made the payment, please send us the payment details of :

  • Bank Name :
  • Banking Date :
  • Banking Time :
  • Banking Reference No :
  • Total amount you have paid :
  • Your Order No :

You may scan and email to : admin@zuheira.com 

Note: Your purchased products will not be delivered until we have this confirmation.

Q.  Is it safe to do online shopping?

Absolutely! We do not store any of your bankcard details and has absolutely no access to your bank account at any time. All the payments are done online via reputable e-payment gateway or for a safer bet, you can always use your local bank deposit.

Q. Why can’t I add items to my shopping bag?

Your web browser probably has "cookies" disabled. What's a cookie? It's a delicious sweet, but it's also a small file stored on your computer that keeps track of what you're doing online. This file allows us to "remember" what's in your shopping bag. Some people are worried that cookies can be used for profiling or even planting viruses. We assure you that we do not subscribe to any of these practices.

Q. Payment has been deducted from my account yet I still have not received my confirmation email?

Sometimes, technical error may happen every now and then as the transaction is being processed. Immediately send us an email - admin@zuheira.com and attach together your proof of transaction. We will investigate and get back to you regarding your order status as soon as possible.

Q. I've received the wrong item or incomplete items! What should I do?

Kindly email us your Order ID along with the picture of the item(s) that you have received to admin@zuheira.com. Please ensure that the picture taken of the item must include the tag still attached to the label. You will need to return the wrongly sent item(s) back to us. We will then reimburse you the amount you spend to ship the item back to us and send the right order to you.

You can send any enquiry you have to admin@zuheira.com and we will entertain you as soon as possible.

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